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Project Co-Ordination & Relocation

Richmond Riverside

Project Co-ordination is the service for the client, who does not have the time or the in-house expertise to take a project through from start to finish. The surveyor will sit on the client’s shoulders, as lead consultant to advise throughout and drive the deal along the complex path to a satisfactory completion. This service is particularly effective where the acquisition of land or buildings is coupled with construction, redevelopment or refurbishment. The service can be adjusted to the clients particular demands or circumstances but typically this might include: search and acquisition, appraisals, selection of the planning / design / construction team, liaison with all key stakeholders and parties connected with the project.

This service is distinct from Management where the surveyor has full control of the project and responsibility for the appointment of other consultants and is commonly used in the construction phase. The Project Co-ordinator in contrast only has a duty of care to the client and not to other parties or consultants involved in the project.

The Relocation service is for the client, who does not have a firm idea of the right location for their business in the UK. This appraisal becomes stage 1 in the acquisition of new premises and usually takes the form of a report with relevant district, town and city information, economic demographic and planning data, employment statistics, availability, costs and inward investment opportunities. This requires an understanding of the client’s business to a varying degree according to circumstances.