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Rating Appeals & Service Charges

Berkeley Street, W1

Berkeley Street, W1

Berkeley Street, W1

These two, ostensibly dry subjects which demand numeracy and analysis, are often overlooked by occupiers because of their complexity and lower impact than rent but we often generate substantial savings for our clients. Our service is usually based on a no savings, no fee basis.

Rates appeals are similar in nature to rent reviews involving extensive research with the aim of challenging the rateable value on which rates payable invoices are based. The investigation into the accuracy of service charges requires a forensic skill.

The focus of attention on both subjects is normally at the point of property acquisition when this is often included in our Scope of Services or on receipt of substantial or sudden increases. In the case of business rates, this is also at the point of statutory revaluation, the last being in April 2010. The Government have postponed the 2015 revaluation until 2017. We also complete rating return forms free of charge.

However, business rates appeals can be served on the Valuation Office at any time during the cycle and for varying reasons, one of which is during noisy disruption from adjoining development works, a common occurrence in London.

In April 2008, the Government increased the liability for rates payable on unoccupied property much to the annoyance of tenants and owners. There are various ways of mitigating these increases and costs generally, so please do contact us for further information.

Investigations into service charges can be instigated at any time and reveal excessive costs in comparison with other properties, poor value for money, inefficiencies, proportionate charge errors and compatability errors with lease clauses. Often there is a general lack of transparency which when overcome, reveals flaws in the management and administration.

If you would like to discuss these services in further detail please telephone or email us. A more detailed written description of the processes and regulations involved with these subjects, is available to prospective clients. Examples of some of the properties on which we have succeeded in obtaining reductions are shown here.