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Sustainability & Energy


The environmental impact of property is high with 50% of all Britain's carbon emissions coming from buildings. Commercial property probably produces 50% of a company's carbon emissions, so businesses with green aspirations and CSR codes are now looking actively at their existing real estate. Sustainability is now creeping up the ladder of priorities and energy savings are going straight to improve profits. Then there are the ever changing targets, regulations and directives relating to carbon, energy and waste being issued by the European Parliament and the UK Government to consider.

Companies are also taking a more critical look at buildings and services prior to acquisition with landlords and developers having to demonstrate to the occupier the energy credentials through BREEAM or LEED certificates. 'Green' leases are now being drafted to take into account the sustainability agenda. The days of socially responsible development and the search for zero carbon emissions are with us. The difficulty is to marry the targets with economic viability.

The procurement of sites and the development process has now become a more complicated maze of planning requirements with sustainability checklists for energy efficiency, renewable energy, carbon emissions, water, building materials and waste with possible scoping reports and environmental impact assessments. So the land search and purchase advice we provide has now become a more specialist service with the sustainability issues affecting funding, business plans, investment appraisal, feasibility and risk.

Then there are all the new energy saving technologies to consider such as heat pumps linked to ground source, grey water recycling, sustainable urban drainage, wind and solar power, thermo ground-air heat exchangers, fuel cells, green roofs, natural ventilation design techniques, heat recovery devices, bio-mass boilers, renewable and recycled materials, sustainable construction techniques, building management systems and the list goes on.

As a result of our involvement with two large projects we have now developed a level of expertise and understanding of what it takes to develop a >renewable energy facility or eco-business park, particularly connected with re-cycling and energy from waste. Existing technologies such as pyrolysis, plasma gasification, bio-mass, bio-gas, anaerobic digestion and now new and emerging technologies. Developing business plans, obtaining seed money, funding, financing, investment appraisal, structuring, planning, and income streams. Our Project Co-ordination services are becoming integral to these complicated deals.

If you want to know more about the Green issues which are affecting property, please contact us.